American people ! Listen to me ! 【The Nanking Massacre is A hoax】(英語で発信せよ!)

【The Nanking Massacre is A hoax】

★American People! Look at ME! 【Atrocities of The American Army】

The American People !
Listen to Me !

The japanese army liberated asian people from the western powers.
The japan prevented western countries from colonizing asian countries.

The Photos of Japanese Soldiers in China

Truth of Greater East Asia War

How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor | Robert Higgs

Did FDR Know in Advance or Provoke the Attack on Pearl Harbor? Did He Trust Stalin? (2001)

Pearl Harbor & F.D.R. Conspiracy

ʬ Roosevelt and his role in Pearl Harbor (Documentary) YouTube

EXPOSED - FDR knew of the Pearl Harbor Attack in advance

The “Nanking Massacre” was a historical event fabricated by the US and China

What did Japan fight for & against ? / Meiji Restoration ~ WW2

The McCollum (Eight Action) Memo to FDR, dated October 7, 1940

The Untold Story : Why HIROSHIMA was DESTROYED

Robert B. Stinnett | Pearl Harbor: Official Lies in an American War Tragedy?

The Photos of Japanese Soldiers in China

(Official) Who Are the Revisionists? Check the Facts (Kent Gilbert)

Expose the fake of Nanking Massacre Made in China and USA

The Fake of Nanking Massacre-1(English and Japanese).wmv

The Fake of Nanking Massacre-3 Population (English)

The Fake of Nanking Massacre-6 Chinese Testimonies of the eleven cases(English Japanese)


American Genocide in the Philippines / Filippines

Woodrow Wilson : Rejection of the Racial Equality

FCCJ is rigged. Here's why - Yujiro Taniyama 「外国人特派員協会の偽善」 谷山雄二朗

Samurai Yasukuni, Arlington & Oceans 14 谷山雄二朗

The Fake of Nanking Massacre-4 Eyewitnesses (English)

The Fake of Nanking Massacre-6 Chinese Testimonies of the eleven cases(English Japanese)

The Truth about the Nanking Massacre - A fabricated "Massacre" - Nanking Incident Series Ⅰ

Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(1/2)

Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(2/2)

Truth of the Rape of Nanking in 1937 - 38 (verification)

FAKE of Nanking 64

Nanking Massacre Didn't Exist ~ The Life of Iwane Matsui, the Honorable Japanese Commander

'SCOTTSBORO GIRLS' Trailer スコッツボローガールズ 予告編

"Racism America & Sex Slaves"- Untold Comfort Women 谷山雄二朗 'SCOTTSBORO GIRLS'

200 Japanese lived on SENKAKU- Tokyo slams Beijing "Stop lying" 谷山雄二朗

U.S "Takeshima (dokdo) belongs to Japan. Never Korea" - Yujiro 谷山雄二朗 Taniyama

Takeshima Is. Page - JB「竹島ページ」2/22 OPEN

Yumiko Yamamoto: Appeals to the UN, "Comfort Women were Not Sex Slaves"

The Truth Behind The Comfort Women - Michael Yon Conference


The Comfort Women Controversy : Sex Slaves or Prostitutes【Gemki Fujii 藤井厳喜】

[Dear Korean People] 誹謗中傷を繰り返す韓国人達へ

Ikuhiko Hata & Yasuaki Onuma: "Panel Discussion on Comfort Women Issue"

【記者会見 FCCJ】③ 質疑応答Question Time [Comfort Women] 慰安婦問題 日本の学者100人がアメリカの学者らの声明に反論 外国特派員協会 2015-8-6



字幕【テキサス親父】俺が日本を愛する理由 -Vol.1- 戦争編

字幕【テキサス親父】俺が日本を愛する理由 - Vol.13 - 死者に対する敬意編

Expose the fake of Nanking Massacre Made in China and USA

【中国・韓国】南京大虐殺の真実【真犯人は・・・】The Truth of the Nanking Massacre (The real cimininal is ...)

Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(1/2)

Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(2/2)

Japan was one of the countries that fought against the western countries and China during the Sino-Japanese war and the Pacific Ocean War. After the wars finished, Japan has been called a defeated nation or a war crime country. The process leading to the war and ending it was very difficult to explain simply because the war process has included many countries in a veritable and political conspiracy.Therefore, it's very difficult to judge the rights and wrongs of the war. However, after finished the WW2, Victor Nations set up a new rule which was called Crime against Humanity. Therefore, the Tokyo Trial was called Victor's Justice by some historians for these reasons.The first reason was the establishing of a new Law Crime against Humanity, which was definitely the legislation of specified duration. In short, authorities establish the Law against hugging women suddenly, and the new law give us penalty to people have done with hugging women before. These days, legislation of specified duration is under a taboo in legal circles. The second reason was Victor Nations were afraid of having been accused of their war crimes. Therefore, they had to evacuate to come up with their massacre story in Japan in the trial. Definitely they needed a position of justice even though they dropped off two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Within the first two to four months of the atomic bombings, 90,000-166,000 people died in Hiroshima, and 60,000-80,000 people died in Nagasaki. Moreover, the bombing of Tokyo by U.S killed 88,000 people, and 41,000 were injured. Dropping atomic bombs on two cities and bombing missiles to Tokyo were against the law or not? Finally, Victor Nations which means judges in the Tokyo Trial needed some Japanese atrocity to cover up their performance as above. They needed some evidence which was shown that the Japanese committed cruel crimes. Their strategy was ended successfully by China.This is the third reason the Tokyo Trial was called Victor's Justice. According to the testimonies in the Tokyo Trial, Chinese government could not prove the murder of 340,000 which numbers of people were killed by Japanese in Nanking city even though they had accused Japan about the Nanking Massacre which means Japanese killed more than 340,000 Chinese in the capital city in China, before the trial opened. Therefore, Chinese government was absorbed in collecting proofs even during the trial. In other words, the Chinese government had already fixed the number of casualties into more than 340,000 before they began to collect the evidence. However, many Japanese were executed by the judge even though the Nanking Massacre was a fake story. Victor's Nation has done the cruel acts during the war, but many Japanese have been executed by them. What was the Victor's justice? In conclusion, some historians and lawyers think the Tokyo Trial was something wrong. Japan doesn't want to accuse the judgments this late. However, many Japanese are having mistakable criticisms from non-educated people sometimes. It is natural that Japanese raising an objection. The Tokyo Trial was called Victor's Justice by some historians for these reasons.

The Truth about Japan's War 1/5 : Tokyo Trial, Radhabinod Pal

The Truth about Japan's War 2/5 : "True" Revisionism by Douglas MacArthur, US General

The Truth about Japan's War 3/5 : Fair Examination of History, Hamilton Fish III

The Truth about Japan's War 4/5 : Bushido

The Truth about Japan's War 5/5 : WGIP (War Guilt Information Program)


★【Iris Chang 】 the Lies of “The Rape of Nanking”

Truth of the Rape of Nanking in 1937 - 38 (verification)

【Iris Chang was a big liar.】

The Nanking Massacre: Iris Chang on the Controversy, Causes, Casualties, Denial (1998)


The Photos of Japanese Soldiers in China


20世紀最大の大嘘 < 南京大虐殺 >

World needs a stronger Japan [憲法改正すべき理由] Yujiro 谷山雄二朗 Taniyama

Chinese Americans: Political, Social, Economic, and Cultural History - Iris Chang (2003)

民主党 "Fake of Nanking & Comfort Women" - Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Committee Claims 1/2

This film is faked.
Rape of Nanking Part I Atrocities in Asia Nanjing Massacre







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